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Free Amazon Prime - UK Students

 Amazon Prime Student Subscription for FREE 

Amazon Prime Student subscription offers 6 months of free prime benefits. These benefits include not only amazon products or services but also third-party benefits which are truly beneficial for the users. 

Create your's now, from this link

These benefits include the following:

  1. Unlimited free delivery from Deliveroo
  2. Prime Video
  3. Prime Music
  4. 10% of Selected Fashion
  5. 10% of Amazon Fresh
  6. 2 months of Kindle Subscription (FREE)
  7. 10% of Phillips Student Discount
  8. 15% of Coach Tickets - National Express
  9. 10% of Text Books
  10. University Essential deals

Click here to create yours if you have not created one already, and thank me later. After six months student charges for the subscription will be applicable as per the policy, however, if you don't want to continue, opt out and enjoy the free ride for the first six months. 

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