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Exploring Crypto, and finding its Audience

Exploring Crypto, and finding its Audience


Since the advent of crypto-currencies, governments across the globe are in shock and have not recovered from it yet. Initially, they took it as a fun game, which will die on its own, just like the kid's affection with a new toy, but crypto-currencies are here to stay, or even outcast the existing ones?


Crypto-Currencies are digital assets designed to work as a medium of exchange wherein individual coin ownership records are stored in a ledger existing in a form of computerized storage. Out of the eyes of the lawmakers, who are after your hard-earned penny.

Target Audience for Crypto-currencies

Every market has its niche, what is nice for Crypto? Which audience was in the designer's mind when the idea of Crypto-currency was blooming in the designer's mind? Ah! It would not be an easy question as the current King of the crypto-currency market is BTC whose owner is still unknown.

So, in the current times, there are too many people involved in the crypto business in one way or the other, so if we have to list them down:

  1. Core Concept Believers

  2. Privacy Advocaters

  3. Part-time money makers

Core Concept Believers

Core concept believers are the ones who jumped in the beginning, who supported it, mined it, and had faith in its success. They are the ones who want to revolutionize the whole world with it.

They are here to stay, face the troubles, spread the word, and will play their role for the betterment of it. These people are the positive face of the crypto world.

Privacy Advocaters

These people are the ones, who have known the existing financial model of the world and are its victims. They have aligned themselves with the crypto-market to safeguard their rights.

They can see a spark in the words of the Core Concept Belviers of the crypto. The second their opinion and assure their support to the believers in the crypto business.

Part-Time Money Makers

Whenever there is a trend, the trend followers emerge. We have seen it in the past as well if we closely monitor the gold-rush movement, the hippie movement. Trends that become global, cover the whole globe.

This is exactly happening in this case, as the word is spreading the trend followers are already joining the ongoing crypto boom. It is just like everyone wants to catch the profits from it to the maximum of their limits.


The crypto-audience is growing rapidly every day, new categories of the crypto-target audience are also formed, for which we have to keep our eyes open as well as our hearts, to welcome on board the newcomers, who are here to join the community which is built for the betterment of the society as well as the world.

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Photo by Executium on Unsplash

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